Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello, World.

Hello, fellow interneters. I work at a place where people donate things, and they are then sold to raise money to help people who are poor stop being poor. I can't tell you the name of this place because I pinky-swore that I wouldn't talk about the place I work in the "media."
But sometimes people donate things to this place (that is essentially for charity) that are either worthless, weird or unsellable. This blog will chronicle the kinds of things that get donated. Things like shotgun rounds.
The picture to the right does not depict the exact ammuntion that was donated. The ammo I found was given to us in a vase, and it was the impetus for the creation of What Good Will This Do? A former boss of mine heard about the loaded vase and responded, "He should start a blog. I'd read it."
So, I have. I hope you're happy, Rochelle.
I will be chronicling the strange, terrible, confusing and pointless donations as they arrive at this place where I work.


  1. I'm the happiest girl in Lawrence!!!

  2. Remeber in that Stephen King book, Desperation, where one of the main characters hit a shotgun shell with a hammer after sticking it into the underground lair of some hell beast and then it exploded and the entire mine network caved in on him but smothered the evil in the process? Why didn't WE try that?