Monday, February 15, 2010

We Got the World Spinning Right In Our Hands

This is VHS copy of Left Behind: The Movie starring Kirk Cameron. This is something that you can get for free. You can literally phone Mr. Cameron and he will personally mail you a copy, no charge. I know this has been mentioned, but at the Donation Location we sell things in order to make money to help people who are struggling to provide for themselves. As such, things that are given away for free are not acceptable donations. We can't charge money for things that are free other places. It's just bad economics. When you donate your free copy of Left Behind it's like taking used toilet paper to the recycling plant. It would be a good idea if a turd weren't involved. Unrelated Stat: The most frequently donated VHS at the Doan Loc are, in this order, 1. Left Behind 2. Titanic 3. Jerry Maguire 4. My Best Friend's Wedding And Titanic isn't even a close second. We've gotten box loads of Left Behind at a time. I've heard rumors of a Left Behind throne being built (this was before my time). I'm pretty sure copies are sent directly from the assembly line to churches that have no idea what to do with them.


  1. No throne, but one of your predecessors tried to see how many he could get and then taped like thirty together and tried to sell them for $19.97. Of course, the clump was still there several months later when he quit. A fun thing to do at other thrift stores in the region is to check out their media departments. Always at least 5 each of the other three movies you mentioned. Why, I wonder?

    - Kevin

  2. You know, the movie wasn't actually that bad.

    Some of Kirk's finest work.

  3. Whoa. I won't have you put down The Pains like that. Mike Seaver is God.